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(The Devil, God, World Peace 3 of 10) My thing isn't to entrap necessarily, as when I submitted that email and figured someone has/had said the quote before, at least the first part, it was because I had thought of that quote in relation to my quote or poem ''The devil is himself deception: he deceives and is deceived!'' And of course the exclamation mark was after the deception in the original quote submitted on Poemhunter, searchquotes, and ownquotes! however the colon was always in my thought/or was in my thought at the time! and or my thought at the time! Truth doesn't necessarily or only entrap, although to some degree it does, it causes the deceiver or evil-doers [or evil-intended or minded evil-doers, especially those with the eternal intent] to trap themselves! As the Bible or scripture says, ''He catches the wise in their own craftiness.'' - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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