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(The Devil, God, World Peace 5 of 10) You say you don't have a choice, or didn't have a choice, but you always can choose today, which means the choice was always there, the right timing or your right/perfect timing as you would see it, is here! here now! now here! Now has been and always will be [forever]! The reason why many of you can't get out your pitfall is because you're not moving now, or today! Today is the perfect day to move and to be! Be now! Be today! Move now! Move today! Move with those who move with the consciousness of peace [world peace]! Do what you know you're supposed to do! Help out those who you know you're supposed to help out! Use wisdom but don't use too much [of your] excuses or fear! You will know and afterwards you will know again! Only you can know and only you can know when! As you know and will know to win! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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devil god choose means choice timing reason pitfall moving perfect day today move consciousness world peace supposed wisdom excuses fear win joshua aaron guillory

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