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The difference between the Jews and Africans today, is that when a man tried to alter and change their religion 2000years ago their approach towards the situation was to kill the massager and prior to that they beheaded the first guy as a warning. In contrary the Africans compromised and in good faith trusted and lost everything. However I still disagree that killing another man because you disagree on the subject of belief is justifiable. And again, a good deed rewarded by a foul deed will find its end and judgment in accordance. The color of any man's skin will never resemble his heart, because a human heart has no brains and only follows what the eye feeds. Therefore, I hate and despise with passion that very hand which found our kindness as a weakness, it tainted the unification, progress and enhancement of humankind by creating opposition based on color of the skin. The color of the skin is not the issue but a scapegoat, the true reason is greedy of only handful men. And to contin
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difference jews today alter change religion 2000years approach situation kill massager prior beheaded guy warning contrary africans compromised faith trusted lost killing disagree subject belief justifiable good rewarded foul deed find judgment accordance man resemble human heart brains eye feeds hate despise passion hand kindness weakness tainted unification progress enhancement humankind creating opposition based color skin issue scapegoat true reason greedy handful men contin

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