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The first time he met her was out of this world from what everyone else said about her. None of the things were true it was better than that, it was incredible.And the way she made him feel was un-explainable, and the stuff she did to him was mesmerizing.Oh how her eyes were so blue and bright just like the ocean it also looked like a million diamonds were there.The first time he got to claim her as his, was the best day ever in his life time. She seemed very surprised by the fact to fall in love would be a scary thing.But what she didn’t know was that he was scared as well but was willing to take a chance with her and will promise to her that he will always be there for her no matter the situation.But everyone’s story starts somewhere this is just the beginning of two souls about to collide.
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met world true incredible feel explainable stuff mesmerizing eyes blue bright ocean looked million diamonds claim day life time surprised fact fall love scary didn scared chance promise matter situation story starts beginning souls collide

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