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The flat earth theory will provoke, or has provoked, in any honest mind the awareness of the bullshit of the attempt to further distract men away from the natural and peaceful experience of earth! Of going towards world peace! or something similar or partially the same as world peace! I thought of this and I later heard Joe Rogan say it! And I don't think God or Nature had me see or hear him say it just for consolation, comfort or conformation sake as some would call it, but because I had, and was having at the time a belief that I needed to further and evolve myself in which was the relativity of seeing the positivity in the movement! Whether government funded or orchestrated for some or just random curious, conscious or [somewhat] enlightened minds looking for answers, I think the flat earth theorists or community has a good thing they're currently doing! We need to understand the infinite potentiality or dimensions of this so-called thought and others! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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