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The Garden With A River A river that gave me life in difficult time, My mother's arm like beam of ray, You succour me when all doors are closed, To your cord my today, In Allah's will our bond bind us on the moon, You are the honey river leads to peace. In raining pain of her, I ascended to space, I sickness of my nights, her unrest for me, In miles of her epochs of pains, she endured, In coldness of nights, am covered, In rags she lives, am conquering knowledge. At your ankle my Paradise, Oh! ye mother peace be upon you, Oh! Allah forgive my mother's bubbles of her sin, Her moral teaches in morn opened my heart, Towards her my peace, Towards me a garden with river.
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gave life difficult time arm beam ray succour doors closed cord today bond bind moon honey leads raining pain ascended space sickness unrest miles epochs pains endured coldness nights covered rags lives conquering knowledge ankle paradise allah forgive mother bubbles sin moral teaches morn opened heart peace garden river

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