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The God that is POWERFUL enough to command the elements of weather, is LOVING enough to speak to the heart of a man. The God that mightily created the heaven and the earth, is HUMBLE enough to tabernacle and fellowship with His children. The God that is JUST enough to execute judgment and vengeance on nations, is MERCIFUL enough to deliver us from bondage. The God that is SUPREME enough to control life and death with His breath, is KIND enough to grant us His immeasurable favor. The God that is OMNISCIENT enough to subject the forces of evil, is FAITHFUL enough to perform His Word. The God that is OMNIPOTENT enough to perform miracles, is ILLIMITABLE enough to supply all our needs. The God that is EXCELLENT enough to save the soul of a man from destruction, is FORGIVING enough to pardon our sins. The God that is EXCELLENT enough to inhabit our praises, is MARVELOUS enough to protect us from danger. The God that is HOLY and PERFECT enough to be sinless, will NEVER leave your side.
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powerful command elements weather loving speak heart mightily created heaven earth humble tabernacle fellowship children execute judgment vengeance nations merciful deliver bondage supreme control life death breath kind grant immeasurable favor omniscient subject forces evil faithful word omnipotent perform miracles illimitable supply save soul man destruction forgiving pardon sins excellent inhabit praises marvelous protect danger god holy perfect sinless leave side

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