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THE GRAND STAGE Continued.......scared of the unknown and unknowable. Life is not a stage Life is everything and nothing, control is lie dressed like truth on stage, but truth is of no dres but a suit you man of filth wear scared to be bare and true. The face of human kind saying never will we be controlled is a silent promise not seen by control for all man kind has truth inside and life behind pushing foward to infinity. Men will die but cowards of filth and control bask in self made destruction only knowing there end was not seen. For monuments and mountains crumble history of man will fade with the stage made. Truth is the death of all control but life is uncontrolled truth known or unknown by all.
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grand continued unknowable lie dressed dres suit wear scared bare true face human controlled silent promise kind pushing foward infinity men die cowards filth bask destruction knowing monuments mountains crumble history man fade stage death control life uncontrolled truth unknown

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