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The hand which is driven by a deceitful and greedy hand will never be stopped by any measure, the first recorded historically lesson on this subjected ended by the conceited heart murdering his own brother. The lessons never stops there, without fear or favour of color, gender, religion or originality with exaggerated use of the language lacking a better word to describe the magnitude and latitude and also overcrowded with data discrepancy, from where I stand, I can only imagine these human ills and describe them observing that the majority of the pages in human history are missing, distorted or never recorded, it must be born in mind that the root of such cruelty and ills have no regards of what has been perceived as reasons. The practice of the lethal approach of divide and rule or conquer has magical yielded consistent results across, between and in the middle of human race and relationships. Never limit your learning and friendship based on differences but on opportunities, the tru
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driven deceitful greedy hand stopped measure historically lesson subjected ended conceited heart murdering brother lessons stops fear favour color gender religion originality exaggerated language lacking word magnitude latitude overcrowded data discrepancy stand imagine describe observing majority pages history missing distorted recorded born mind root cruelty ills perceived reasons practice lethal approach divide rule conquer magical yielded consistent results middle human race relationships limit learning friendship based differences opportunities tru

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