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The heart must be the main leader or support of any house, system, group, family or nation. The Alpha-Beta male or female, whichever one seeks to lead, must lead according to their own heart, passion, will, desire, soul or judgment! This is why in Hebrew you see the word for heart, Leb, has the l/lamed, which means direction, guide, authority, leader or teacher. And it has the Bet or Beta, the Greek equivalent, which means the house/the inner house, the withinness. And in the center of the word you see the E/Heh, which is the soul. Man must lead according to the soul within him. Man is a desire, a heart, a soul, a passion, a will manifesting itself in many ways every day. And if you put the symbols Alef & Bet/Alpha & Beta together you can find the word LEB. Solomon said what good doth a man to receive education without LEB: the inner wisdom or passion of the heart. And what better leadership than a group of people living according to their LEB! Alpha-Betas! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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