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" The human being may be defined as a carbon based lifeform, composed primarily of water, soft tissue, and bone. The brain serves as the ultimate central processing unit - of which maintains the subsistence, or the sustinance of existence. What then, is the Soul, and the Spirit? The Soul may be defined as the very essence of the individual being. The Spirit may be defined as the intellect of the Soul, creating a phenomenon known by many, as Spiritually.. Eventhough Spiritually, and Religion walk hand - in - hand, they remain widely divergent. This divergency is known to some beings as - freewill. " - Klaatu 2014
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human carbon based lifeform composed primarily water soft tissue bone brain serves ultimate central processing unit maintains subsistence sustinance existence essence individual spirit defined intellect soul creating phenomenon eventhough spiritually religion walk hand remain widely divergent divergency beings freewill klaatu 2014

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