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The job or duty of any savior or leader is to the give the message! In my case and in any true case the message should be world peace! You can't expect one man to wipe the butts of everyone! But what you can expect is that the message of the one man will or is able to! Jesus in the gospel story, whether real, folklore, fable or both, didn't do everything for everybody every single day, however the truth of him did! When the Bible says in John that there were many other things Jesus did that were not recorded, you have to look at that not only as doing trillions of deeds, or zillions, but that the message he preached was spread and the spirit of it did the works - the healing, the feeding, the saving, the comforting, the loving, etc. - to understand it in its entirety. Let's be real and stop expecting one man to do everything! We must each become a savior in the great work, and as Russell Crowe said on the 'Gladiator', ''It's best if we each work together.'' - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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