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The Kite Designed With Patches My Flag Is A Kite In Patched The wind holds a kite at the beach, By the sunup it lift in smile of child, All in watch of it whistle in wave in patterns of beat, Its signaling of nosedives in hands From patches crises in designed, Its distance to eyes like China, Appears to guns in crawled as mere curiosity, Soaring to sky as hawk of cloud, Lofting the kite with stones of red, Evils of wind to tear up the rainbow, lifting of tailless in snagging string of nations, All here with immersed to scattered the kite, In humming and throbbing their tailless kites striking, Citizens grappling to sight their flag, Children crying isn't this desire in staring? Er, we're eddying wise in tear, From of window towers arrays of bigmen in tube and jigsaw for the map, Ah! the thread to kite, Hands pulling of thread to kite from directions in gloat over the poor.
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patched holds beach sunup lift smile child watch whistle wave patterns beat signaling nosedives patches crises designed distance eyes china appears guns crawled mere curiosity soaring sky hawk cloud lofting stones red evils wind rainbow lifting snagging string nations immersed scattered humming throbbing tailless kites striking citizens grappling sight flag children crying desire staring eddying wise tear window towers arrays bigmen tube jigsaw map hands pulling thread kite directions gloat poor

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