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The Labyrinth is superstition. The goblins are the puppets of religion and tradition. The traps of Jareth are your constant fears of punishment or karma. The Goblin King himself is our false concept of God, which is really the Devil. And the power to overcome him is yours. The power to overcome them is ours. And the journey through the Labyrinth represents our journey through life to realization. And every road, door or experience traveled must be traveled for a greater awakening. And every goblin friend we meet on our journey can remind us that we are not alone and the wisdom of what we should do and not do from time to time. And that our journey through life is real. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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superstition goblins puppets religion tradition traps jareth constant fears punishment karma king false concept god devil power overcome labyrinth represents realization road door experience traveled greater awakening goblin friend meet remind wisdom time journey life real joshua aaron guillory

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