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THE NATURE is the 'most powerful'.The nature was created by in it's own unknown depth,which we do not find it now.But I say nature was not created by any GOD.We call the most powerful people who were and are as GOD.And God is not invisible too,because it is nature.It is the nature,from which we derive the technology and machines.The God which we believe in are the most powerful creatures who understood,that particular field of nature.For example:Lord Shiva=the destroyer,understood his purpose of destroying the sins and likewise the other God and Goddess too.They are just the powerful enlightened people with great souls,which help us when we believe in them,which I say was created by the nature itself. Nobody can stop nature's power,even God can't.For example:TIME.Even God can't stop the bad and good time.Because IT IS NATURE!
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unknown depth find call invisible derive technology machines creatures field lord shiva destroyer understood purpose destroying sins goddess powerful enlightened people great souls created power god stop bad good time nature

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