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The oldest ghosts, unworthy of love gentlemen. Choir of the outcasts forgotten by the gods of the lost souls. Their ghostly, angelic voices ring in the void of indifferent eternity. And so beautiful, and so dramatically rise, and their wonderful voices of lonely hearts cease, doomed to dissolve in the depths of a ruthless reality. Grief in their weeping souls sings of the present and the future. They sing that you will sooner or later join this great chorus of extra and unnecessary, since you love to sin, that is, naughty. You are the same ghost of reality as they are. Between you and them, only a thin layer of flesh, this is the fine line between life and death. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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oldest ghosts unworthy gentlemen choir outcasts forgotten gods lost ghostly angelic ring void indifferent eternity beautiful dramatically rise wonderful voices lonely hearts cease doomed dissolve depths ruthless grief weeping souls sings present future sing sooner join great chorus extra unnecessary love sin naughty ghost reality thin layer flesh fine line life death author musin almat zhumabekovich

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