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"The One Who is Not Only Out of Reach" (translated version from a feminist perspective to masculine perspective "The One Who Is Just Out Of Reach." sent to me via MMS - image - Daria) "The worst of them all, this is the Girlfriend who will occasionally torment you with glimmers of What Could Be, who will text you something Adorable Out of the Blue or spend a Whole Weekend Cuddling in bed and accompanying you on charming little couple errands, only to suddenly freeze back up into her emotionally untouchable self. You will be constantly chasing after her, degrading yourself further and further in your quest for the person you know she occasionally capable of being. She doesn't love you, and she definitely doesn't respect you, but she will keep you until the moment she cuts you off completely. But then, if all goes right, you'll pick up the pieces of your self-worth like a shattered mosaic and promise to never date females like her again! Hopefully!
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translated version feminist masculine perspective reach mms image daria worst girlfriend torment glimmers text adorable blue spend weekend cuddling bed accompanying charming couple errands suddenly freeze emotionally untouchable constantly chasing degrading quest person occasionally capable love respect moment cuts completely pick pieces worth shattered mosaic promise date females

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