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The only time in life you won't feel obligated to do nothing and feel no conviction is when everything is already done for you and everybody else. World peace will only make this possible! And us working together to perfect the technology which could happen in a short time. We don't need zillions of years to perfect nature. Nature is perfect and the wisdom to make it perfect or more perfect in harmony with people's nature, true intention or desires, so we all can be happy, is easy! And when I say ''time'' I mean a consistent perpetual state of happiness! We have the wisdom and humanity where no one would ever have to be sick again! And if people died, they would die in peace! I still believe we can live forever! I think that's one of the secrets of nature which has been open forever! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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life obligated feel conviction world working technology happen short zillions years perfect harmony true intention desires happy easy time consistent perpetual state happiness wisdom humanity sick people died die peace live secrets nature open joshua aaron guillory

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