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The problem with people like me is that we care too much. We break our hearts into pieces and give them away, until they are all gone. And we try to live with the broken hearts and broken souls we are left with. We sacrifice our own happiness to make others smile. But in the process we lose ourselves. We extinguish the sparks in our eyes and the fire in our bellies in order to fuel the dreams of others. We are the people who laugh at the end of every sentence and place a smiley face at the end of every text, to make sure our friends don't think we are mad when we say "I need to go." we are the people with loud thoughts and quiet voices, refusing to speak our minds at the fear of hurting another's feelings. We are the people who would give our own life to save a stranger. #BY_ME´╗┐
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problem care break pieces live hearts broken souls left sacrifice happiness smile process lose extinguish sparks eyes fire bellies order fuel dreams laugh sentence place smiley face text friends mad loud thoughts quiet voices refusing speak minds fear hurting feelings people give life save stranger by_me

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