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" The Problem with some of you ASSHOLES these days is..... you got TOO MUCH Mf PRIDE tryna impress and prove something to YOUR HOMEBOYS and them lil HOES... you act like you don't wanna TAKE HER OUT to eat... to the MALL... or to the MOVIES.... until ANOTHER MAN ask her out ON A DATE..... you act like you don't wanna pay her NO ATTENTION until another man got her ATTENTION.... you act like you don't wanna make LOVE TO HER and go down on her.... until ANOTHER MAN tell her he gonna F*CK her right.... then you call her a HOE..... because you see she done found a BETTER MAN.... "
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problem assholes days pride tryna impress prove homeboys lil hoes eat mall movies date pay attention act wanna love gonna call hoe man

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