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The reason I continue being successful is because I'm unaffected by what people have to say about me. Nobody can stop me from my mission of world peace! And also because I can speak about things and accept that people will criticize me, not always because they don't agree with me, but because they don't like me as a person! Those people I know are sick! Some people will change their beliefs just to combat mine! And one thing I will say is that I will freely speak on anything in my life, past, present and future. Moving on doesn't mean you can't educate people on life by giving them wisdom from your experiences. Some people hate me so much that they will try to capitalize off of a story I tell. The reason why people shoot up schools is because they have no one to talk to, or people are always telling them what they can and cannot say. You can't force-discipline someone to compsure or the social idea of positivity! People must be free to make their choices. Rightly!-Joshua Aaron Guillory
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continue successful unaffected stop mission world peace accept criticize agree person sick change beliefs combat freely speak present future moving educate life giving wisdom experiences hate capitalize story reason shoot schools talk telling force discipline compsure social idea positivity people free choices rightly joshua aaron guillory

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