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The smile of reality opens. Entering the deep tunnel of reality, you see the most eerie forms of smiles like a deep gulp of a hypocritical snake, a corridor completely made up of the most eerie, frightening smiles of clowns. The deeper you go the more you laugh at the awareness and understanding. And you're dying after going through most of the tunnel choking with laughter. And your corpse, as if something unknown, invisible itself pulls. There are faces from eternally smiling dead in the gates of eternity. And the new corpse merges with it and only a dead smile is visible. And only with the irony and sarcasm that he saw with an indelible smile. I came to the end. And the gate is open. To go into the space elevator. And so we are in a cosmic moral lift, with a round floor, and round walls, which are decorated with light bulbs of various delicate colors, this construction leads us into a higher dimension of thinking. You see how it moves up with a very fast speed. You see the light at t
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opens entering reality forms deep gulp hypocritical snake corridor completely eerie frightening smiles clowns deeper laugh awareness understanding dying tunnel choking laughter unknown invisible pulls faces eternally smiling gates eternity corpse merges dead visible irony sarcasm indelible smile gate open space elevator cosmic moral lift floor walls decorated bulbs delicate colors construction leads higher dimension thinking moves fast speed light

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