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The Song Of Life. I miss you when you are not near to me, I long to hear your step....... That's by far, The sweetest music ..... My ears awaits everyday. Life doesn't give you the people, You want; It gives the people, you need: To love you, to hate you, to make you, to break you, and to make the person you were meant to be. No person deserve your tears, And who deserves that won't make you cry. For the grave is, Not the greatest loss of life. The greatest loss that, Dies inside of us while we live. To die and part is less evil; But to part and live, there, Is the tournament. For the day is done, And the darkness falls, From the wings of the night. So, never lose faith in yourself ; You, you can make it anything in this universe ........... Yes, anything!!!!! Never attempt to be weaken; all powers is yours. Never forget...........    You are born from that element, From which the war is born. >      ----Arindol Dey.
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song long hear step sweetest music ears awaits everyday give people love hate break meant person deserve tears deserves cry grave life greatest loss dies die evil part live tournament day darkness falls wings night lose faith universe attempt weaken powers forget element war born arindol dey

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