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The time is coming and [is] already here/now that men will eat with confidence & assurity/certainty, whatever they like/want/please & not have to worry about the destructiveness/ill-health of their bodies! The knowledge & belief based off technology & understanding of the human body & other things will not only rid men of any toxins but the necessity of having to eat food or at least [food/eat food] as we know it! There won't be need to worry about toxins because the mixtures & equipment & mind state of the people will rid any of these things from their bodies! There will be an answer for everything! a solution for everything! safety & assurance for everything! World peace will be everything & everything will be world peace! We're in an age/the age where everything is possible & made possible! The world will be, including earth, a man-made/heavenly paradise! All in accordance with nature! & human nature, that is! Man will have the desires of his heart & in full! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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time coming confidence assurity certainty destructiveness ill health knowledge belief based technology understanding body men necessity eat food worry toxins mixtures equipment mind state people rid bodies answer solution safety assurance peace age world including earth heavenly paradise accordance human nature man desires heart full joshua aaron guillory

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