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The truth I speak is sharper than any two-edged sword and yet it is a two-edged sword! It's a one-edged sword with an infinite edges. It's light-piercing, heart-piercing, soul-piercing, spirit-piercing, it pierces you with the truth! When I speak, I speak as God, I speak as World peace, I speak as truth! So yes, I'm controlling your lives. You are stuck in my prison or fate of eternal life; of world peace; of joy; of happiness; of truth. One-edge, two-edge, three-edge, four-edge and so on! Relativity is my sword. Relativity is the truth! when of course it's founded on truth! love! freedom! happiness! good-intention! or world peace! My two-edged sword is Relativity and Balance, Excess and Moderation, Slavery and Freedom, Unity and Harmony, Truth and Falsehood, and so on! BEHOLD! BE in the HOLD of God or the Lord's protection. Being the hold is being in his protection! His assurance! His power! His authority! His will! Be the hold! Hold fast and don't give up! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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sharper infinite edges light heart soul spirit piercing pierces speak controlling lives stuck prison fate eternal life joy edge founded love happiness good intention world peace edged sword relativity balance excess moderation slavery freedom unity harmony truth falsehood behold god lord protection assurance power authority hold fast give joshua aaron guillory

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