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THE UNFAITHFUL WIFE A wife married to an irresponsible husband, A man who can't feed her but will always demand for sex, impregnate her( giving more birth...) and forget to cater for the needs of these children, The children grow and also become irresponsible because their father failed to look after them. the wife unable to overcome life challenges go in search of food and later land in the hands of a deceiver who will only give her money and have sex with, Afterwards he goes to the husband with the wife, and she introduce him to her husband as a helper. The deceiver with the intention of having the wife, plan to control the husband and the whole family by promising the family lump sum as capital for the husband to start something on his own, in addition promises to take care of the hopeless children. Finally, the entire family becomes slaves to the deceiver because this money usually comes with agreement and terms that are dreadful couple with the reason that, the husband is irrespon
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unfaithful married man feed demand impregnate giving birth forget cater grow irresponsible father failed unable overcome life challenges search food land hands give sex introduce helper intention wife plan control promising lump sum capital start addition promises care hopeless children finally entire family slaves deceiver money agreement terms dreadful couple reason husband irrespon

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