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The world of riches..adopting a mind..some ways militant..obstacles flash through out life..the government health services and protected police and military use information from everyday life and standard technology to discover what's relevant in our minds using information from physics witch crafts and medicines to hold us under developments..what we go through in life we try to be prepared for everyday current to our lives..but scadelous unfold and why us people gotta pay the price..like a magnet from a rock..gravity pulls murcury from our blood lines causing a chemical imbalance..mixing up our mind..starting to age some of us people in jail held locked away..homeless aged..and our thinking process disturbed again...maybe causing fast pass heart rates and tremors..early morning awakes and of course all age limits..this is increasing our thinking process so we age fast...even medicines practiced are used to stimulate our actions...like the saying goes mind over matter..they try to cha
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world riches adopting ways militant obstacles flash government health services protected police military standard technology discover relevant minds information physics witch crafts hold developments life prepared everyday current lives scadelous unfold gotta pay price magnet rock gravity pulls murcury blood lines chemical imbalance mixing starting people jail held locked homeless aged disturbed causing pass heart rates tremors early morning awakes limits increasing thinking process age fast medicines practiced stimulate actions mind matter cha

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