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There are in nature certain poisons that are destructive to the body but if countered or coalesced can actually restore the body, as in a spider bite which with the right substance, elements, fluid, herb or ingredients could restore the heart brand new. And in the psyche this applies too! Thoughts of freedom when faced with slavery, which leads to death and sometimes the death of death itself in certain degrees, can actually prolong life. It is man's thoughts that keep leading him to death! Even those who are in tune with nature, still in the subconscious or conscious or unconscious still believe in death and that is what they produce. Whereas awareness enables the thoughts or souls or cells of freedom to manifest and overcome the slavery! Man can think himself to eternity! Not only eternal life after what we call death but in life itself before the death! It is reserved for all men to become apart of what they are and after this the decision manifests. Joshua Aaron Guillory
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