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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize who they really are. Your true colors reveal themselves. Your mind melts into a gooey puddle of discontent and your own soul robs your pride from you. All summed up, you realize you are nothing. You didn’t do this or that: you never ran this marathon or visited that country. You never gave this to the homeless, you never donated that to the Salvation Army. You never became this in your life; you never achieved that. By the end of your thinking, you’ve broken three ribs and twisted both your ankles in the pit of despair. “Who cares?” you ask yourself, “Why not die here, in the misery of my failure?” And that means that you can ignore the hurt, skip your turn, let the others prevail, and allow yourself to lose. Or, you can pick up the dice and roll. Just roll. Leave the fates to decide your future – that’s easy, right? Whatever happens is meant to be. Or you can use skill. You build a knowledge of the game – how the pieces work, how
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time true colors reveal mind melts gooey puddle discontent soul robs pride summed realize didn ran marathon visited country gave homeless donated salvation army life achieved thinking broken ribs twisted ankles pit despair cares die misery failure means ignore hurt skip turn prevail lose pick dice roll leave fates decide future easy meant skill build knowledge game pieces work

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