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There is a sort of punishment/self-punishment that I have seen people bring upon themselves by dishonoring masters who have helped them in the awakening, discovery/advancement of knowledge! & of course the knowledge of themselves! Which consists of all knowledge & relative! All men are to some degree masters & all men at the/ir highest level/their highest self perfect masters! There must be in every man the ability to escape the hatred/everlasting judgment [condemnation] they have for people! Hell is a state, imagination/conscious experience/place that is perpetual but can be escaped! The dimension/consciousness is itself perpetual/eternal, the suffering, the fire of/ affliction thereof/guilt, is perpetual but can be escaped! So long as man keeps the eternal hell of hatred, guilt, loneliness/hell in his consciousness he will remain in that state for that is what that state produces! But he who allows his mind to be free of such can transcend it [&] perpetually! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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sort punishment bring dishonoring helped awakening discovery advancement consists knowledge relative degree men level highest perfect masters ability escape everlasting judgment condemnation people imagination conscious experience place dimension suffering fire affliction thereof perpetual escaped long man eternal hatred guilt loneliness hell consciousness remain state produces mind free transcend perpetually joshua aaron guillory

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