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There's just so much There's just so much blood There's so many sirens There's so many people There's so much Just so much blood I'm sorry for the mess Im sorry you have to clean it I'm sorry I stained the carpet I'm sorry I had to go I'm sorry kids at school are so mean I'm sorry I felt numb I'm sorry I didn't mean it I want to come back Mommy I'm sorry Daddy no don't cry Little sister don't start doing what I did Big bro it's not your fault Someone answer me I'm sitting here screaming and no one can hear What have I done What have I done to my family What have I done to my friends What have I done to my classmates WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!
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sirens people blood mess clean stained carpet kids school felt numb mommy daddy cry sister start big bro fault answer sitting screaming hear family friends classmates

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