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There will be prison-gardens in the paradise of world peace. There will be special censors and airyways to protect men from obstruction. And prison-gardens will be for the rehabilitation of souls. Those who are in the prison-gardens will live perfectly happy as those on the outside and will temporarily be there until they're deemed fit to come into the general population. And there will be special places designed for religious, political or occultic organizations that try to inhibit the free enjoyment of others, of which they will agree on, willingly. Everything will be done freely. And every man will be forced into this free system. He will only be able to act freely. The technology and world unity will make it so. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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paradise peace censors airyways protect men obstruction rehabilitation souls prison gardens live perfectly happy temporarily deemed fit general population special places designed religious political occultic organizations inhibit enjoyment agree willingly man forced free system act freely technology world unity joshua aaron guillory

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