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These circles of evil, it is a circle of eternal pain, they are evil rings, circles that represent the pipes in the form of rings. Great dark force called self-deception, put the rings on his fingers, to rule in this world, and then, in the whole universe. These rings are people who do not want to wake up from the illusion of its own self-deception. The black circle of gloom, you pulled into a thick, black paint, from which you will never get anywhere. The black circle of gloom, heard only screams and moans, visible only black body, head, hands, and feet. The dead circle of envy, the interior consists of a great number of languages ​​long envious that these languages ​​chameleon who try to tear you to pieces, you can only by a long tongue that yearns to tear all to pieces. The hellish circle of anger, hurt to touch the floor, walls and ceiling, as they are composed of lava and hot coals. Which turns you into the lava in the pure form of anger. In an eerie circle of lust there is no lov
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eternal pain evil circles represent pipes dark force called fingers rule world universe rings people wake illusion deception pulled thick paint gloom heard screams moans visible black body head hands feet dead envy interior consists great number envious languages chameleon long tongue yearns tear pieces hellish hurt touch floor walls ceiling composed hot coals turns lava pure form anger eerie circle lust lov

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