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They heard a heavy, frightening moans of pain. Coming from the depths of my soul. It is an open, deep, open wound of grief and sorrow, lurking in the depths of my personal, sacred ordinances. My eyes opened, and became completely black, from the hopeless despair. My spirit died from the pain that came from my feelings and emotions, they brutally killed inside me, and my dead, cold shower, no longer feel pain, hurt the most was not to feel more light feelings, and do not see more of everything that is connected with the good and light. Indifference - is the ultimate pain that cools with time. Spirit obeyed my humility, and hopelessness and feelings of lost it last called pain and fear. And he felt complete freedom and ease. And I merged together with eternity, and it became a full-fledged, full part. 3. Good people in a nursing home, called Never Been Kissed virgins. 4. Life of Never Been Kissed a virgin - is the holy path of solitude, in which all girls and women absolutely refuse you.
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heard heavy frightening moans coming soul deep open wound grief sorrow lurking depths personal sacred ordinances eyes opened completely black hopeless despair died emotions brutally killed dead cold shower longer hurt feel connected light indifference ultimate cools time spirit obeyed humility hopelessness feelings lost pain fear felt complete freedom ease merged eternity fledged full part good people nursing home called virgins life kissed virgin holy path solitude girls women absolutely refuse

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