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They said she was crazy about me, and i played along.. yet i knew what her true intentions were.. she talks sweet like i didn knoe wat she's doin yet i acted clueless nd talked the same way back loosin her i truly kudn affford... if id tel a frend they wudn understnd.the only question theyd ask is y, y, y. il turn my bek on them nd then id say SHE WAS A BIRD THAT LEFT HERSELF IN MY CAGE LOCKED HERSELF IN WITH HER OWN SPELL..T'WAS A SPELL LEFT THAT ONLY I CAN BREAK... so im setting her free now.. (even thou; SAYIN GUDBY TO HER EVRYDAY..HURTS TO SEE THAT HER LIFE I CAN NO LONGER PARTAKE..)
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crazy played knew true intentions talks sweet didn knoe wat doin acted clueless talked loosin kudn affford tel frend wudn understnd question theyd turn bek bird cage locked spell left break setting free thou sayin gudby evryday hurts life longer partake

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