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Things around me are such a struggle. Lemme start with school, dang! Its the definition of fake ratchet annoying non trust worthy students, everyone around there you can't trust besides your day number uno posse trill group is mine meaning we turn up by being true and real but everybody always tryna bring us down but we stand tall and proud waving our flag in the air showing peace no harm nd trill people just need a dose of reality pretending they know what "love" means and they say the same thing for all 18 people they been out with in the last month, pretended breaking up with a person you dated for 2days hurts okay well 2 of muh bros commit suicide muh mom had a miscarriage muh bros nd sis dad not even around muh moms family don't need me around ha! and break up is the worst shit you can handle you just started bitch.
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struggle lemme start school dang definition fake ratchet annoying worthy students trust day number uno posse group meaning turn true real tryna bring stand tall proud waving flag air showing peace harm trill dose reality pretending love means people month pretended breaking person dated 2days hurts commit suicide mom miscarriage bros sis dad muh moms family break worst shit handle started bitch

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