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Things I've learned in 22yrs 1. Be genuine , in other words be yourself , follow your own lead , be your own voice , make your own path 2. Be honest , I had to learn this the hard way , you not only need to be honest to people you love but to yourself 3. Be nice , this doesn't mean take people's shit , but this also doesn't give you the right walk around like Andy asshole and treat people like shit be polite and friendly to people and they will do the same 4 . Be patient , we all want, what we want, when we want it , I am no different but you have to remember life is not a sprint it's a marathon and things take time 5. Be consistent , you need to bring it everyday , some days will be harder than other no doubt , but the person who is consistent will stand out in the crowd and will always win in the end 6. Be out going , don't hide in your shell , take a chance try new things , I'm not saying go use drugs break laws and act a fool but , you can't live life in a shell gotta step out and
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learned 22yrs genuine words follow lead voice path learn hard honest love nice give walk andy asshole treat shit polite friendly people patient remember sprint marathon time bring everyday days harder doubt person consistent stand crowd win hide chance drugs break laws act fool live life shell gotta step

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