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This artificial, hypocritical world, greedy, petty Deshevki, rotten in the ugly, thinking slag entitled selfish apathy. This planet earth people, in essence, become selfish, and there is no longer true love, since there is no unity of all mankind, it replaces dirty, greedy, fascist lust, rotten in the toxic mix of sexism and feminism, which develops a homosexual and lesbianism. Since there is only a trivial face surface, not on the person, sex of a person, and the social status and the skin color. This means that there are no true happiness, it only replaces greed. All this leads us to the successful passing of all mankind. Those who wish us all the evil knows that to destroy mankind need only build between barriers, walls, boundaries, consisting of theory and ideology, other different philosophies, all of this only in order to deprive them of their unity, and collective thinking, collective reason, denying the unity they deprive us of the common future. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovi
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artificial hypocritical world petty deshevki ugly slag entitled apathy planet earth people essence selfish longer love dirty greedy fascist lust rotten toxic mix sexism feminism develops homosexual lesbianism trivial face surface sex person social status skin color means true happiness replaces greed leads successful passing evil destroy mankind build barriers walls boundaries consisting theory ideology philosophies order thinking collective reason denying unity deprive common future author musin almat zhumabekovi

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