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This artistic mind can sometimes reach beyond the gravitational limits of mankind, its hormones just slither around my anatomical structure just like a snake, releasing its gaseous energy around the designation of my heart, it’s probably difficult for you to enhance such process but it is quite simple actually, you see, when I learn of such endlessly potential knowledge and wisdom, it entices me to spread the word of fear and doubt, something everybody knows about, because I have a philosophy that I inquire everybody to encounter, that once you go golden you can never go black, and what I mean by this is, never back down from the faith that you have, let it sink in your bloodstream and let it infect the mainstream, it is the only way to a possibly divine generation of truth
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artistic mind reach gravitational limits mankind hormones slither anatomical structure snake releasing gaseous energy designation heart difficult enhance process simple learn endlessly potential knowledge wisdom entices spread word fear doubt philosophy inquire encounter golden black faith sink bloodstream infect mainstream possibly divine generation truth

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