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This friendship thing is about the most deceptive thing in the world! I have yet to see people who have mastered friendship at the highest level! I have yet to see people other than myself who have attained perfect peace & harmony! People in my neighborhood are more so acquaintances than friends! They look unto each other mostly for survival! For love! For acceptance! But these people would sell one another out if anyone of them would be exposed for something illegal...! If your friendship can't guarantee you constant happiness, peace, & acceptance, it's not truly a friendship! It's a sick/socially normal attachment! I was on Youtube years ago & seen this! The people who were my so-called friends who eventually turned against me turned against each other! or their friendships died out! all of them, to some degree/for the most part! & many people seen my powerful aura & used me to get in with those who were [my] so-called friends until they no longer needed me. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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deceptive world mastered highest level attained perfect harmony neighborhood acquaintances survival love sell exposed illegal guarantee constant happiness peace acceptance friendship sick socially normal attachment youtube years eventually turned friendships died degree part people powerful aura called friends longer needed joshua aaron guillory

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