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This is not funny circus unscrupulous losers, good, kind, humble people removed from the arena of the circus pride with a special, very long canes. The atmosphere is glamorous, pretentious, outrageous. They are suddenly removed much earlier than unscrupulous people. Unscrupulous people, clown wigs and clown shoes, they are left to live on this stage, in this their alleged roles in which he portrayed his absurd vanity, until his old age. The oldest remains in the desert, to the very sweet, because they are the sinners. They stay here because they show continued, so that they can realize what they were wrong, they are given time to enable them to recognize and repent before God, to the crime. Aphorisms authors: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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funny losers good kind humble arena circus pride special long canes atmosphere glamorous pretentious outrageous suddenly removed earlier unscrupulous people wigs clown shoes left live stage alleged roles portrayed absurd vanity age oldest remains desert sweet sinners stay show continued realize wrong time enable recognize repent god crime aphorisms authors musin almat zhumabekovich

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