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Though to some people I may sound hypocritical for using the Bible, which I would embrace, Romans 14 speaks about people being weak in faith, that feel they have to eat vegetables or else they will lose their spiritual powers or faith; or lose the spiritual rest or ambiance in themselves. I understand this passage based off my own experiences! I would encourage people who are vegan or vegetarian and love it to stay that way if they can. But at the same time, if they go back to eating meat, to try to overcome or be at peace with it! If they can peacefully be at peace as soon as they do it, good, or if it takes some time to transition from the guilt they feel because of their beliefs, still good. I think to solve all the problems of mankind and creation we have to be realistic and idealistic! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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sound hypocritical bible embrace romans speaks weak eat vegetables powers faith lose spiritual rest ambiance understand passage based experiences encourage people vegan vegetarian love stay eating meat overcome peacefully peace takes time transition guilt feel beliefs good solve problems mankind creation realistic idealistic joshua aaron guillory

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