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To believe this thing isn't perfect is to believe it never was perfect! And to not believe it was perfect or is perfect is to believe it never could be, will be, would be, and to some degree, should be! Believe in the perfection of life! Peace, love, joy, goodness, grace, tender-mercy etc. Life, Peace, Nature, You, Me, All is and are perfect forever! Health and or the universe is perfect! You know peace because you experience peace and or peace! What you discover you are, what your are you discover and or know already to be true! same is true with finding! and love! Peace is everything! Everything is peace! To believe that it isn't or never was perfect but that it will be perfect is to believe in something other than nature and or to believe deceptively or double-mindedly in the truth! It is to fall away from nature relatively and or absolutely! What is new is truly old! What is truly old is new! forever! Life is perfect, it is (was) and should be forever! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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degree perfection joy goodness grace tender mercy health universe experience discover true finding love peace deceptively double mindedly truth fall nature absolutely life perfect joshua aaron guillory

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