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To my ex, As a girl, I will not sit here and bash you. I will not sit here and blame you. I will not be the good one I will do two things; Number one. Thank you. For being you. Something was right to make me fall. For the years of so many laughs and yet so many tears. For helping me because with out you I wouldn't have what I do. For being adventurous and always trying to please me which I know is hard. Number two. I'm sorry. Girls are stubborn. Sometimes we just don't wanna admitt it was our fault. To you, I know it was me. I'm sorry for wasting your time. I'm sorry for the pain. I'm sorry for screwing your life up right when we had it on track. I wish I could tell you the reason. I wish you wouldn't hate me. Sometimes I wish I could have the best friend back that I had before the relationship but I can't and that I will deal with. With that, to my ex... I'm sorry and thank you
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girl bash sit blame good fall years laughs tears helping adventurous hard number girls stubborn wanna admitt fault wasting time pain screwing life track reason hate friend relationship deal

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