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To some degree, I admire all the spiritually enlightened teachers out there in the world. Whether they're meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans, or sun-gazer-eaters, ha-ha, or eat nothing at all, I think the message of freeing people from their unfortunate mentalities and conditions is the main thing. And teaching men to accept fate and where they are and strive to get better [spirit, health, wealth, place] or make peace with the situation they're in, if they choose to stay in it! Whether you want to just live natural and content with the least and or you choose to live as much in harmony with nature and yet still enjoy the technologies and luxuries of expanded culture or industrialism, the idea is the be free and happy. I choose to live in harmony with nature and yet enjoy the expanded luxuries of nature. I just enjoy the man-made creations of nature - the wisdom of the gods or god-men to create a more efficient system but at the same time in harmony with nature. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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