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True love is a fruit that result from the manifestation of Jesus Christ and His redemption work , it is sustained and increased by the continuous death of SELF and taking up of your cross daily, contrary to that is FLESHLY love which is due to the manifestation of feelings and emotions that usually rise due to external qualities- intelligence (man’s wisdom), beauty, material things etc. and when one meets someone with such better qualities than his spouse his heart is easily dragged to the new person, we can only be secure in Christ, therefore our true marriage to Jesus Christ not just religious marriage but one leading to His indwelling in us is a must fundamental foundation for those considering marriage and for those who are already married redemption(forgiveness of sin) of each party is a must! God + Nothing = Everything, we need to be reduced to ZERO to experience everything God has for us and to reap fruits of true love that covers each other’s nakedness in the same way that Jesu
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fruit result work sustained increased continuous death cross daily contrary fleshly manifestation feelings emotions rise due external intelligence man wisdom beauty material meets qualities spouse heart easily dragged person secure jesus christ religious leading indwelling fundamental foundation marriage married redemption forgiveness sin party reduced experience god reap fruits true love covers nakedness jesu

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