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True Love is permanent. Love does not change, it has no beginning, it will never end, and it will always exist. Love is tender, gentle, soothing, soft. Love is everything that is Good. Love is constantly forgiving, and will never keep a record of any "wrongs". Love will never separate from itself or from all that is alive. It is there, and present, and will never leave you or anything in the universe that has life. Love does not see "flaws" but knows that everything in creation is already perfect. Love breathed life into every living thing that has life. The identity of the Creator is the identity of Love which is the identity of You and all living things. Love is always One and Connected. Love constantly Expands and Grows bigger and bigger of Itself. Love is intertwined with You. Love is intertwined with all of the Animals, Plants, Planets, Everything! Love will never betray you, will never punish you, will never condemn you.
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true permanent change beginning exist tender gentle soothing soft good forgiving record wrongs separate alive present leave universe flaws creation perfect breathed life creator identity living connected constantly expands grows bigger intertwined animals plants planets love betray punish condemn

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