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True my seen dwindled to snow nor my heart, Am to bird in voyage not like swoosh arrow in darkness, In your heart, my hotbed, nest, my heart not forever helpless dart, For my love upright to stem stalk seeking steps. I do not back away when you rejected me months ago, Have not see seeker sleeps in bed when sun smiles by dawn, from your temperate but hurt, be a living hellheart in me, lo! by dusk, I lied my chest on moon, harking bark to regain, But my aside is to reunited a thousand lamps with loved, So your heart budge from enwrapped and enrapture mine, To all coming nights, my heart wants to walk, fly, swim in your vast bed, My love die not in eroded time but its pliant pose need patience, So my heart seeking you that only death depart soul impossible my living butterfly not in jar without recall.
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true dwindled snow bird voyage swoosh arrow darkness hotbed nest helpless dart upright stem stalk steps rejected months seeker sleeps sun smiles dawn temperate hurt hellheart dusk lied chest moon harking bark regain reunited thousand lamps loved budge enwrapped enrapture coming nights walk fly swim vast bed love die eroded time pliant pose patience heart seeking death depart soul impossible living butterfly jar recall

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