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True poetry is love! inside-out! everywhere and in all things! peace! world peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory All is poetry! And poetry is all! Poetry is everything! And everything is poetry! the truth of it! it! it is true! it is truth! True poetry is life! And true life is poetry! peace and peace is poetry! nature is poetry and poetry is nature! existence is poetry and poetry is existence excitement is poetry and poetry is excitement joy intelligence freedom everything and everyone good! all are everything all are good being free etc.. true poetry is, is just, just is, is wonderful and all, light and dark dark and light light as dark dark as light light as light dark as dark, true dark, beautiful peaceful loving dark and or light or white or brown or all colors no colors and one color and or many or few or equal or perfect colors as good and perfect all
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love world joshua aaron guillory truth life peace nature existence excitement joy intelligence freedom free poetry wonderful true beautiful peaceful loving dark light white brown color equal colors good perfect

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