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(TRUTH-1 2/8) I'm a very strong meditator so I understood what this guy was talking about! & also things with sex/no ejaculating & cleansing the body! Because I know & have done these things! That is, the abstaining for long periods without eating, masturbation, etc. [I am a virgin! as I've stated before, just to point that out!] But I just think so much of it's bullshit in terms of enlightenment! Like it appears that people are still stuck in the lower or low levels! It's still an ego-conceit of feeling you're above people! [the hierarchy-society of division-intention instead of wanting to help & unite people by going beyond the normal means to achieve unity/world peace] It's all an illusion! True victory is being able to express yourself freely as I've done on poemhunter, ownquotes, & searchquotes & publicly & in private unlike most people in the world! I should be getting all the rewards if it's based off of honesty & happiness! Off of being free! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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truth strong meditator understood guy talking sex ejaculating cleansing body abstaining long periods eating masturbation virgin stated point bullshit terms enlightenment appears stuck levels ego conceit feeling hierarchy society division intention wanting unite normal means achieve unity peace illusion true victory express freely poemhunter ownquotes searchquotes publicly private people world rewards based honesty happiness free joshua aaron guillory

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